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Revolutionary Left Radio

May 23, 2022

Jesi Taylor joins Breht to discuss waste management, how the racialized, colonial and imperialist world order dictates where certain kinds of trash ends up, the impact of landfills on communities, the hyper-localism of recyclying and its effectiveness, the fear of microplastics, and more!

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Mar 4, 2022

Members of Brooklyn Eviction Defense (BED) join Breht to discuss their organizing, housing justice, slumlords, the pandemic and moritoriums, what housing could look like under socialism, their confrontations with the paid muscle of landlords, the Eric Adams administration, stoop watches, and much, much more.

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Feb 19, 2022

On this episode of Red Menace, Alyson is joined by Rey and Esperanza to analyze transgender identity, struggle, and liberation through a principled Marxist feminist and dialectical materialist lens. Rey also talks at length about how these issues and struggles manifest within the Philippines, historically and...

Jul 16, 2021

Black Red Guard joins Breht to discuss a wide range of topics from the synthesis of maoism and black nationalism to the state of the US left to our projections for the coming decades.

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