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Revolutionary Left Radio

May 6, 2017

What a great episode! This may be our best one yet! 


Brett sits down with three hip hop artists, Alex (aka Black Jonny Quest), Nick (aka Articulate), and Ria (aka Ria Gold) to discuss hip hop, racism, cultural appropriation, capitalism, liberal idpol vs. intersectional solidarity, Trump, white allies, and much more. This is part one of a two part release; part two will be published later this week!



**Songs featured in this weeks episode in order of appearance

Exodus by Black Jonny Quest of the album 'Smells Like Good News'

Ancient Mariner by Articulate from the album 'Unreleased'

Get Away RiaMix (feat. Kehlani) By Ria Gold from 'Get Away' Single


To hear more music by our talented friends from this episode check out:

Ria Gold

Alex / Black Jonny Quest

Nick / Articulate


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