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Revolutionary Left Radio

Jun 17, 2024

Aaron J. Leonard returns to the show to discuss his newest book "Meltdown Expected: Crisis, Disorder, and Upheaval at the End of the 1970s"The final years of the 1970's were a moment of crisis and transition for the United States, both at home and abroad. Today, in 2024, we are also in a moment of crisis and transition - though without the benefit of hindsight we struggle to see where this transition might lead; moreover, we still have the ability to learn from the past and influence this transition through political struggle. Aaron not only writes about this period as a historian, but also lived through this period as a Marxist and an organizer and has personal as well as professional reflections on it. Together, Aaron and Breht talk about the end of the 70's, the imperial crisis in the middle east (specifically regarding Iran) which still shapes regional politics to this day, The opening up of China and its consequences, Jimmy Carter and the rise of neoliberalism, de-industrialization inside the US, the shifts in and around the FBI, the changes in music and culture, and much more. 

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