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Revolutionary Left Radio

Mar 27, 2023

Filmmaker Steven De Castro joins Breht to discuss his on-the-ground documenary film on the New People's Army of the Phillipines for Means TV called Revolution Selfie; The Red Battalion. Together they discuss his film, his unique documentary style, his time embedded with the NPA, the Marcos Regime, Comrade Joma, the poverty and inequality in Manilla and throughout the Philippines that the NPA are fighting against, the role christianity plays in the guerrilla movement, LGBTQ fighters in the New People's Army, and much more! 
Watch the Trailer for Revolution Selfie; The Red Battalion here:
Check out the film here:
Learn more about Steven and his work here:
Check out our interview with Jose Marie Sison (aka Comrade Joma) here:
Outro music: "Chairman Mao" by Bambu

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