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Revolutionary Left Radio

Aug 21, 2023

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In this episode of Guerrilla History, we are joined by Mike Prysner to discuss the devastating impact of the US military, and the forthcoming documentary that Mike and Abby Martin are putting together on this topic titled Earth's Greatest Enemy (watch the trailer here)! This is a critical and deeply underappreciated topic that we really appreciate Mike and Abby taking the effort to tell the story of.  Do us a favor, share this episode, and contribute to the finishing of Earth's Greatest Enemy if you are able to!

Mike Prysner is a co-founder of March Forward, a long time organizer with the ANSWER Coalition, and is on the National Board of Directors of Veterans for Peace.  He also is a producer and cowriter for The Empire Files.  You can find out more about the documentary and the information for how to contribute to it at  Mike can be followed on twitter @MikePrysner, Empire Files is @EmpireFiles, and Eyes Left is @EyesLeftPod.

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