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Revolutionary Left Radio

Oct 7, 2023

[Originally released Jun 2020]

Nu'man joins Breht to discuss the Palestinian Struggle, the Intifadas, the historical solidarity between black revolutionaries in the US and Palestinian revolutionaries, settler colonialism, Frantz Fanon, and SO much more. This was a really engaging interview, and we are positive that our listeners will love it!

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Check out Students For Justice in Palestine (website made by Nu'man!)

Films mentioned in the Episode: 

The Wanted 18

1948: Creation and Catastrophe
Book Recommendations:

The Hundred Years War on Palestine by Rashid Khalidi

The Palestine Communist Party by Musa Budeiri

Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Davis

The Right to Maim by Jasbir Puar
Articles to Check Out:

Discursive and Political Deployments by/of the 2002 Palestinian Women Suicide

Jerusalem Quarterly and the Institute for Palestine Studies both have over 70 years of journals all pertaining to Palestine .

How does the push to "modernize" Palestine by bringing it further into the global capitalist market impact the anti-occupation struggle?: A case study of Rawabi by Nu'man
Organizations: Al Quas, BDS, JVP, SJP (all have varied information about the struggle and are doing good work in Palestine and the united states/canada)

Outro Music: 'Al Kufiyee 3arabeyyeh' Shadia Mansour ft. M1 (Dead Prez)

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