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Revolutionary Left Radio

Oct 30, 2019

Alekx and Ethan from Proles of the Round Table podcast join Breht on this All Hallows Eve to deconstruct the myth and logic of the oft-stated claim that Communism is responsible for the deaths of 100 million human beings. 

On this Halloween, we urge our listeners to reject the anti-communist propaganda of our enemies, while also realizing that the real blood-drenched monsters, ghouls, goblins, and vampires of this world are not to be found within the pages of fairy tales, but rather at the highest echelons of capitalist class society: the very people who want nothing more than for you to fall, hook, line, and sinker, for their anti-communist lies in order to maintain their murderous grip on the ill-gotten seats atop our world's bloody and unjust hierarchies of wealth and power. 

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Outro Music: 'Bury a Friend' by Billie Eilish




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