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Revolutionary Left Radio

Dec 10, 2017

TheLitCritGuy is a precariously employed, struggling academic and the internet’s foremost literary critic, bringing literary theory and criticism to the widest possible audience. He writes for a variety of online platforms about things as diverse as theory, philosophy, gothic and horror literature and film, the internet, politics and pop-culture. In his academic research he writes about gothic literature, theology, continental philosophy of religion and monsters and will be submitting his PhD in Sept 2017. He lives somewhere in the north of England, with his beautiful wife and their many books.

Jon sits down with Brett to discuss Gothic Marxism.

Topics Include: Gothic literature, Karl Marx, Neoliberalism as a mode and style of vacuous politics, Nihilism, Nostalgia, Postmodernism, Centrism, Films as Cultural Dreams, Zombies, Vampires, and much, much more!

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