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Revolutionary Left Radio

Jan 1, 2019

Anastasiya and Speranza, a Russian immigrant mother and a Montanan mother respectively, join Breht to discuss the trials and tribulations of being mothers and parents in a capitalist society. Topics include how to be a radical parent, paternity leave policies in the US, familial evolution over time, the anthropology of child-rearing, being a parent in the age of Climate Change, and much more! 

You can reach out to Anastaysiya by email: anastasiya.pronina318

You can reach out to Speranza by email:

Intro spoken word poetry written and performed by Faith Santilla (from the track "Bread" on the album "Party Worker" by Bambu.

Stand up comedy interlude by Ali Wong. Follow and support her comedy here:

Father talking to his son clip was from the song "Monsters" by Bambu. Find and support his music here:

Outro Song: "Rebel Girl" by Bakini Kill, find and support them here:


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