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Revolutionary Left Radio

Nov 16, 2018

Austin Hayden Smidt (Political philosopher, filmmaker, actor, writer, podcast host, and all around wonderful guy) joins Breht to discuss the philosophy and political relevance of post-structuralism, postmodernism, and post-postmodernism aka "metamodernism". They explore the connections between these philosophies and Leftism, exploring both the contradictions between postmodernism and Marxism as well as the connection between postmodernism and post-left anarchism! Topics include: Liberation Theology, Sartre, Irony, Sincerity, Neoliberalism, Post-Postmodernism, Meta-Narratives, how social media shapes our psychology, and more!

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Austin Hayden Smidt is Co-host @wisecrack (Show Me The Meaning), @owls_at_dawn & @idigthismovie and a producer @inventfuturedoc.

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