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Revolutionary Left Radio

Jul 27, 2022

Mat Callahan joins the show to discuss his recent project "Songs of Slavery and Emancipation" - a book, an album, and a documentary - wherein he and his team searched for, found, and recreated both old slave resistance songs as well as old abolitionist songs. In this interview, Mat discusses this project and the songs and history behind it as we sprinkle in songs from the album throughout.

Watch the Documentary here:

Check out the Book:

Songs featured (in order of appearance):

  • Song of the "Aliened American" performed by Sacred Harp singers from Western Massachusets
  • The Negro's Complaint performed by Berea Songs of Slavery and Emancipation Ensemble
  • Recognition March of the Independance of Hayti performed by Dr. Kathy Bullock piano, Chereokee Griffiths flute, Dr. James Dreiling trumpet
  • Nat Turner
  • The African Hymn
  • A Song for Freedom performed by Berea Songs of Slavery and Emanciation Ensemble
  • Hymn of Freedom
  • Agonizing, Cruel Slavery Days performed by Alden "Max" Smith
  • Children, We All Shall Be Free

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