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Revolutionary Left Radio

Sep 18, 2017

Alexander Avina is an assistant professor of history at ASU. His research focuses on twentieth-century Mexico, primarily the post-1940 period.  His first book, titled Specters of Revolution: Peasant Guerrillas in the Cold War Mexican Countryside is a political history of rural guerrilla movements led by schoolteachers that emerged in the state of Guerrero during the 1960s and 70s.  His next book project explores the links between counterinsurgency, state terror, and the development of a transnational narcotics economy in the southwestern Mexican highlands in the 1960s.  

He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on modern Latin American and Mexican history, including more specialized history courses on global capitalism, drugs and narcotics, Latin American revolutions, and the Cold War in Latin America. 

He sits down with Brett to discuss the Mexican Revolution, Zapatismo, the EZLN, and much more. 

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