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Revolutionary Left Radio

May 23, 2017

Brett sits down with Dr. Thoreau Redcrow, an expert on these issues, to discuss The Rojavan Revolution, the history of Kurdish repression in Turkey, and how the Kurds in Northern Syria (i.e. Western Kurdistan) are building socialism against all odds. 

Dr. Redcrow is an American with a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis with a...

May 18, 2017

Brett sits down with repeat guests Phil (from our first ever episode) and Brendan (From our episode entitled "Ideology: Capitalism and Liberal Culture) to discuss Phil's recent trip to Cuba, the gains of the Cuban revolution, US imperialism, and the future of socialism in Cuba (and the world!).

Please take the time to...

May 11, 2017

Revolutionary Left would like to extend a special thanks to our guest this week for their time and for sharing their experiences. We would like to further extend our gratitude to our listeners for your continued support and feedback. Thank you all so much!


The second installment of our two-part series. Topics...

May 6, 2017

What a great episode! This may be our best one yet! 


Brett sits down with three hip hop artists, Alex (aka Black Jonny Quest), Nick (aka Articulate), and Ria (aka Ria Gold) to discuss hip hop, racism, cultural appropriation, capitalism, liberal idpol vs. intersectional solidarity, Trump, white allies, and much more....