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Revolutionary Left Radio

Apr 26, 2023

Matthew Furlong from our Dialectics Deep Dive series returns to the show to discuss Chairman Mao's text "On The Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People".


Further Resources: 

Mao Zedong - Five Essays on Philosophy (1957):
Ai Siqi - "Antagonistic and Non-Antagonistic Contradictions" (1957):
Jones Manoel - "Western Marxism Loves Purity and Martyrdom, But Not Real Revolution" (2020):
Radhika Desai & Michael Hudson: Geopolitical Economy Hour (2023 -) -
World Association for Political Economy:
Mi'kmaw learning resources for Atlantic Region dwellers
Atlantic First Nations Tech Services - Mi'kmaw Learning:
Trudy Sable and Bernie Francis - The Language of this Land, Mi'kma'ki (2012):
Pacifique Buisson - The Mi'kmaw Grammar of Father Pacifique, edited by Bernie Francis and John Hewson (1939/1990; 2016)
Outro music: "Inner Conflict" by Pep Love

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