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Revolutionary Left Radio

Aug 28, 2023

Dr. Charisse Burden-Stelly joins Breht and PM for a second installment of our Du Bois series, this one focusing on Du Bois' human rights and peace activism and how he tied that in with his revolutionary Marxism. Together they discuss Du Bois' political evolution, the influence of his friend, comrade and wife Shirley Graham Du Bois, his book "In Battle for Peace", DR. CBS' articles on Du Bois, the targeting and trial of Du Bois by the US State, what he meant by "real pacifism", the Black Alliance for Peace, and much more!  

Check out Dr. CBS' article “In Battle for Peace During Scoundrel Time”

Check out her upcoming book  "Black Scare / Red Scare: Theorizing Capitalist Racism in the United States

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Check out the Black Alliance for Peace and their Solidarity Network

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