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Revolutionary Left Radio

Apr 17, 2023

Aaron J. Leonard returns to the show to discuss his newest book, "Whole World in an Uproar: Music, Rebellion and Repression". Throughout the interview, we play many of the artists and songs mentioned in the book and conversation (time stamps below).

Together, Aaron and Breht discuss the history, social upheavals, cultural shifts, and the political context in which the music from this era emerged and the reaction it created from the mainstream culture. Topics include: the beatniks, the cultural context of the 50's in America, the civil rights movement, the 1960's, the Kent State Massacre, the introduction of psychedlic drugs, the Vietnam War, the Cuban Revolution, the shift from the old left to the new left, and much more!
Music included:
10:30 - People Are Strange by The Doors
28:05 - Ohio by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
48:40 - Mississippi Goddamn by Nina Simone
59:00 - Santo Domingo by Phil Ochs
74:50 - White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
87:00 - Luang Prabang by Dave Von Ronk
Outro music: "For What it's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield

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